Real Estate Asset Management

Our Real Estate Asset Management includes asset allocation, risk management and transaction supervision, but also managing the execution of asset strategy.

We help to define and execute on property-level opportunities. Our experienced individuals optimize the value of properties through superior transaction and management execution.

We are expert in property fundamentals: we study within local regions and in the different commercial land uses: office, industrial, hotel, retail, and single and multifamily residential. To beat the market, we ensure diversification and produce adequate risk-adjusted returns focusing on specific regions in Central Europe and the Middle East.

We ensure appropriate risk-adjustment through superior asset allocation and selection. In addition, we provide value to clients by ensuring the most efficient use of investor capital, and by keeping clients informed through superior performance measurement, and even cash flow forecasting. We are directly involved with all investment processes including acquisitions, financing, dispositions and property-level decision making.

We are also responsible for property-level performance. In addition to approving budgets and performing expense management, we increase value by managing the leasing at one or more properties. Success in leasing is not only attained by finding and executing the highest possible leasing opportunities at each property, but also by conducting a leasing program that aligns with portfolio strategy while maintaining the best relations with existing tenants. Leasing is a highly negotiated process, which can involve making decisions at odds with tenant needs in order to optimize the value of the property. Our ability to accomplish the appropriate tenant mix, execute leasing strategy that aligns cash flows with portfolio needs, and manage both capital and operating expenses can significantly affect overall portfolio value.