Corporate Value Advisory

What does value mean to you?
The view the market, or potential buyers, has about your business can impact your ability to meet your growth objectives. Our Corporate Value Advisory team helps you to understand and model the value implications of growth and restructuring decisions, investment choices and commercial negotiations.

In collaboration with you, we will work to find value through:

  • Value measurement – enhancing management’s value position for transactions, tax and accounting through independent value measurement and opinion
  • Value enhancement – delivering improved business performance through portfolio business reviews, financial modeling, value based management and insights
  • Investment analysis – better informing key investment choices through value analytics, financial modeling and business case process.

We do this by talking to, and spending more time with you, our clients. At every opportunity we will look for ways to engage you in conversations around value insights to ensure that you fully understand the impact of decisions you are making both now, and for the future.

If you are making decisions around growth, acquisitions and restructuring or are involved in significant investments or commercial negotiations, we would love to work with you on helping you achieve your best outcome.