Our internal deal generation strategies and our global network of business relationships provide us with an important source of opportunities – and give us an advantage in sourcing projects.

We partner with highly motivated teams to design and implement strategic and operational changes with the objective of creating sustainable value. And we align our interests with other stakeholders by putting our own capital at risk.

Our competitive advantage is based on our exquisite knowledge of the industries we work in, and our management ability to affect a positive value change once we are on board. We have developed measurements with clear markers for every aspect of our business and we operate with strict professional, ethical and legal discipline in all aspects of our personal and professional lives.

We identify trends … We invest in “concepts”,
not deals…
We structure to succeed…
Before we invest, we analyze micro and macro economic and industrial trends that will positively impact specific industries.

Some are near term opportunities driven by disruptive technologies or regulatory actions and others are longer-term, influenced by macroeconomic trends, geopolitical shifts or new business models.

We spend a significant amount of time and resources tracking these developments and cultivating a deep understanding of these sectors, and all the aspirants, participants, and competitors.

We focus on proven trends or attractive sectors rather than on companies that happen to be for sale.

We focus on good concepts that generate profitable investment opportunities and higher-than-average financial returns.

We action these concepts based our own research as well as through discussions with corporate leaders and unbiased industry analysts.

We recognize that each deal presents a unique set of challenges. As such, we have been at the forefront of developing and executing innovative deal structures.

As the firm is primarily concerned with growing businesses, and will always employ growth capital financing that is appropriate to maximize value.